Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product Maven?

A recent cello lesson with child #3 opened the floodgates to lots of conversation regarding my knowledge of and interest in, of all things, make-up! How can that be, you ask? Well, we learned that day that our beautiful, young cello teacher is quite the product maven. #3 was absolutely fascinated! She is drawn to that subject like a moth to a flame! Remember this is the child who has been doing award-worthy up-do's since she was 6 years old. The real question is, how can a child like this spring from a mother like me? As we left our lesson that fateful day, she looked at me and said, in the kindest way possible, "Mom, you answered every question she asked with 'No, I've never heard of it,' and 'I didn't know,' and 'I've never tried that.'!" I guess somehow, my inadequacies were glaringly revealed under the spotlight that day.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a girly girl from the word go, but I seem to be missing a few very important genes; important to some people that is. I love pretty clothes, and I absolutely adore cute shoes, my personal addiction. I've even learned to appreciate good accessories, but somehow, I still haven't wrapped my mind around how to get excited about cosmetics or shampoo. These virtuous and worthy items continue to be simply a means to an end in my humble mind. I like my toenails polished, but I procrastinate until they are in desperate need because I sincerely dislike painting them. I buy good cosmetics, but I resent every dime I spend on them, because it's that much less I can spend on something fun for my house, or something cute to wear. It's about like spending lots of money on good underwear. No one can see it, and they don't notice it unless you don't have it on!
#3, however, does not share my views. She goes ga-ga over all the colors, the ideas, the possibilities!! For her, it is a palette of inspiration! I'd rather read a good book. Ho-hum.
The other day she informed me that she would like me to branch out in my shampoo selection. She enjoys variety in her smells and bottles. Hmm??? Who would've thought? I just get in and get out, devoting the least amount of money and time I can to the humdrum task at hand.
At least I'm learning to appreciate the world from her perspective. Hopefully this will enable me to apply some of my creative abilities to the world of products... Product maven? Probably never, but mom of product maven? Definitely!

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Amber said...

I feel the same ways lots of time. Mostly with number 2 and 3. I am a introverted mom raising extroverted daughters. It makes for some fun moments