Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Constant Crises

Tonight, my two oldest children approached me and gave me my "orders" for the evening. Child #1 informed me I had two jobs to complete before he came home. Child #2 put it slightly differently. She laid out my two "priorities." So, if I count right, that made four assignments to be carried out before bed.
Well, it's almost lights out, and much to my relief, they are completed. Maybe not to the satisfaction of #1 and #2, but completed nonetheless. The camp decision has been made (at least in pencil), the crisis of the change in babysitting pay-scale resolved, the day at the Daytona Beach for Spring Break vetoed, and the long-distance fishing trip discussed. *Whew!* Super-mom can go to bed with a clear conscience! Not a bad ending to a day in which I completely forgot my youngest's piano lesson, eh?!
It's so nice when you can live up to your parent's, oops, I mean kid's, expectations of you, at least for a moment! Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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